Born with a camera in my hands!

As the son of a professional photographer, I grew up with a camera in my hands. As soon as I was old enough to assist my father, I would accompany  him on shooting gigs learning all the ins and outs of the manual 35 mm film SLR camera. Knowledge like: composition, light metering, focal length, shutter speeds, film speeds, aperture, flash lighting, lenses, dark room procedures for developing, etc. I worked the night shift at Eckerd photo finishing plant in Winter Park, Fl. through High School. To get up to date when the digital SLR took over the profession, I took classes at Furman University and Rocky Mountain school of Photography. I have honed my photography and video editing skills over the past 9 years on my Mac Pro via online classes.

To view a larger portfolio of my work, please visit my Youtube channel; Cool Breeze Studio.